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About Toby Kurien

I am Toby Kurien, an electronics engineer in his 30′s who does software development for fun (and hopefully profit). I am a South African citizen of Indian origin. My main interests are computers and software development, electronics, the Nissan 200SX S13, power/symphonic/neoclassical metal music, vocal trance music, sci-fi and fantasy movies. I also sometimes play the guitar (I have a Jackson Rhodes guitar and a classical guitar). I am fanatical about racing (both sim racing on the PC and real racing on a track like motorsports and track days). I play a lot of rFactor, and G.T.R. 2. I’ve even built myself a racing rig.

The most difficult question I get asked these days is: “What do you do?”. Well, the simple answer is that I create Android applications as a freelancer, do some web/Android development for NGO’s, blog/tweet about technology, host software development workshops or presentations, and dabble in hardware and software hackery at House4Hack.

The long answer regarding what I do is that I am experimenting with an alternate lifestyle. In late 2009 I decided to live a more anti-consumerist lifestyle. So I left the rat race, sold my shares in the company I co-founded, and started working on potentially fulfilling ventures. This is how I started creating web startups and Android applications – two technologies that I am really passionate about. Android finally gives me the chance to play in the consumer electronics space. It also helps me in my quest to use first-world technology to solve third-world problems.

I try to live the “four hour work week” lifestyle as described in the book by Timothy Ferriss, so far successfully. I engineer my life by focussing on three things: Health, Time, and Finance. If you don’t have free time, your health suffers. If you don’t have your finances working for you, you won’t have enough free time. Only when you have lots of free time, will you figure out the amazing things you can do with it.